Tisno Croatia

Tisno is a small town situated in half a way between Zadar and Šibenik, in a small strait between mainland and the island of Murter. That is also how Tisno got its name - Tisno is a Dalmatian Croatian word for strait. The mainland of Tisno is conected with an island of Murter by a 16 meter long bridge. The bridge during summer months opens for boats twice a day: from 9:00 until 9:30 AM and from 5:00 until 5:30 PM. At that time the road traffic stops.
Tisno has around 1300 inhabitants. This number quadruples during summer. With an appearance of tourism after World war II Tisno was known for its pensions. This tradition stay until today – even now there are a several pensions in Tisno which provide accommodation in rooms, half or full board and even  a berth for boats. Some of them remodeled rooms into apartments to keep up with then new trends in tourism.

The new era for tourism in Tisno appeared with an opportunity to host one of the most significant summer festivals in Croatia, until then held in Petrčane near Zadar – The Garden Festival. Along with this festival a several other festivals, like Suncebeat, Electric elephant festival, Soundwave etc. Began to call Tisno its home. The number of summer events does not stop here - on the contrary, it spreads through entire July, August and now even September. Therefore Tisno is becoming a new IT destination for young people from around the world who want to enjoy summer music events according to their preferences and music tastes. In Tisno everyone can find something to enjoy.